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1:1 Training from WedFilm Academy is aimed at any wannabe, amateur or experienced wedding videographers, photographers and filming hobbyists who are looking to turn their wedding videos into stunning and cinematic wedding films.

Award-winning FX Films uses years of wedding filming and training experience, to pass on creative and technical knowledge. The tuition is a bespoke service to suit the student's needs, and can be based in the FX Films office (refreshments and lunch provided) or even at the student's home.

What you can learn

  • Transition from 'wedding video' to 'cinematic wedding film'
  • Suitable filming and editing workflow ideas for long form and short form edits (with full examples to go through)
  • Filming techniques (e.g. cinematic gliding, DOF, camera angles) (with behind-the-scenes footage to show)
  • Suitable DSLR, mirrorless cameras, camcorder and audio settings for different situations
  • How to work with High-Definition and 4K footage - keeping it crisp and clear
  • Creative editing techniques and editing with 'emotion' in mind
  • In-depth colour-grading tuition (creating/tweaking your own presets and looks within your NLE and with 3rd party plugins like 'Magic Bullets Looks', the use of LUTs)
  • Help with marketing/advertising/branding-awareness/reputation
  • and more...

Example Films

Sheila and Rob - Wedding Highlights

Sarah and Ruben - Wedding Highlights

Richard Wakefield - Showreel

Lucy and Nick - Wedding Highlights


Superhero Boudoir


Christiaan and Eve

We wanted to thank you for the day of training and answering all our questions. It was great how you could quickly establish our level of knowlegde and what we were interested in learning. You were so humble and that made us comfortable learning from you. It was clear that you really knew what you were talking about and in that way you were able to boost our confidence. If you ever want to get in touch or meetup in the Netherlands let us know.

Rachel and Phil Accesi

Phil and I were very impressed with your down-to-earth approach. You made us feel very comfortable and at ease and we felt we could ask any question we liked without being made to feel daft - something which is very important to us. Your passion for what you do and enthusiasm for creating something artistic, with a cinematic feel and personal touches was so evident, it was infectious!! You were patient and helpful, showing us hints and tips from what you had learnt along the way and we came away from our time with you, almost as if our eyes had been opened to lots of possibilities that we could both reach and aspire to. We are so grateful for your time and we have a renewed excitement for what we do (and an even huger shopping list for what we need to do it!!) and how we can make it better...we still talk about it now.

Akinola W

I spent a day with Richard Wakefield of FX Films. As a novice to wedding videography, I had a few problems with camera handling, editing, DVD building, customer service, business decisions, dealing with clients, the right equipment to buy. In short, how to be a successful videographer from A-Z. With his professional yet easy manner,he covered all what it takes to be in the business. It was really worth the investment..

Martin D

Spent a day with Richard at FX Films. His advice on what equipment to buy? That alone was worth the cost of the course and has saved me making expensive mistakes in the future.You know the phrase "it does what it says on the tin". That sums up Richard's course. EVERYTHING he advertises is covered on a one to one basis that not only makes sure you understand and learn, but gives you the perfect opportunity to have your questions answered by a man who knows exactly what he's talking about. His generosity in sharing his incredible knowledge of videography is refreshing and when you see how good his work is, you just know how well he understands this business. His follow up e-mails are instructive and invaluable. I can't recommend the course highly enough and it was wonderful to know that not only had I spent my money wisely gaining an incredible insight into Richard's work but it has given me the confidence to know that I WILL succeed in my ambition to be a good videographer.

Mark B

Having a 1-to-1 training with Richard from FX Films was a great experience. With his knowledge of the industry and personal experience over several years, he can certainly help many people with various experience levels. Some of his tips and tricks will save me hours of researching and editing! His storyboard illustrations used to describe various scenarios or layouts has given me confidence in many of the unknowns, and filming techniques which I'm sure I will encounter at weddings in future. Richard is very approachable and open to any questions. He's an excellent contact to have

Nicky M

I can definitely announce I am no longer making a wedding video for my customers. I am going to be making a cinematic wedding film. All thanks to you, Richard. Really enjoyed meeting with you and hearing all your sound advice. Your knowledge in this industry is endless! Best wedding video training ever!

David L2

It was great to meet up with you yesterday for our 1 to 1. You are very inspirational and creative and your passion for filming shines through in your training sessions. Even as a seasoned professional, I was amazed at how much I learnt from you.

Justin G

I just wanted to say a big thank you once again for last Friday, I really enjoyed the day and learnt so much from you.

Your knowledge and experience of DSLR filming and weddings was
extremely useful and I am excited about the prospect of shooting with the 5D and 7D!


Just wanted to say thank you again for a brilliant afternoon yesterday.
You answered all my questions in such a clear, precise and professional way that I feel much more confident in pushing ahead with my fledgling business. Your knowledge is amazing and you certainly know your business.

Will keep in touch and let you know how I am getting on.

Alan G

Just wanted to say thanks for the training on Friday, it was excellent, I really enjoyed it, especially as I am keen to push on with the cinematic approach to my future films.
It made me want to get started on the DSLR route and especially the adobe premiere CS5 software!


Thanks a lot. It was a very good experience meeting you today, I really enjoyed it. Thanks for all the info, tips & tricks that you showed me, I highly appreciate it.

If you're ever up in the Midlands then please do drop me a line, or if you need anyone to help you out with a shoot, I would be more than happy to help.


I was blown away by the services you are providing. Thank you, it has been invaluable to me and I will recommend you to anyone that needs wedding video training.

San C2

Thanks for today. It was great training you provided. many many thanks.

Paul and Steve

Richard, thank you so much for last Thursday, it was really helpful.
It as an extremely useful day for both of us. Thanks!


What can I say, it was simply perfect. Your enthusiasm and knowledge in this industry is exactly what I needed. As of now I'll be trying out the new techniques and cool tips and tricks...oh, and buying new equipment!

Thanks and I'd love to stay in touch Richard. I hope to have enough practice before coming to your workshop too!

Andrea, Gisella and Marcella

Thank you very much for your training and for your patience and courtesy. It was a wonderful day for us!!

See you soon

Doug and Karen

Thanks so much for yesterday. Doug is very excited about what is possible both within his own creativity and also what we could offer within our business. We will definitely be getting started as soon as possible at least doing a bit of practice shooting at some of our up coming weddings and shoots.

Thanks for lunch, your time and your knowledge.

Myriam Nicodemus

I just wanted to THANK YOU for all that you have taught me. If it were not for you, i would not have the small success that i have today. They are small, but a start towards my ultimate goal of working in the documentary film industry. So THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

Ben M

Had a blast, wanted to let you know! The time we spent together really meant so much on the day when I had to step up to the plate.

Cannot tell you how much fun I had, still blown away that I could do a wedding straight after spending some time with you... still scratching my head on how that happened!

I already have all the shots in my mind I want to use for my reel!! Already did the edit in my

Exciting times ahead for us!

PS: Your latest Nautical Wedding video has got me thinking in the back of my mind of using a jib, brings so much production value...
You are still teaching me, even in your absence.

Sunil Mondal

Really helpful. It as an extremely useful day for both of us. Thanks!

Rowan B3

It's thanks to your visit that I have completely changed the way I run my business and the results are an increase in bookings and a BIG increase in positive feedback...So just to thank you again for your support.

Lee Evans

Just wanted to thank you for a great day and has been quite inspirational. The challenge of learning something new and doing things in a new way has been quite inspirational. I'm especially taken with the short form edit, it's just what I've been after from day one, and yes I can see it takes quite a lot of clever placement, but it actually look less work than what I'm doing, and you have much better control to 'tell a story' of the day without being intrusive - thank you.

Anyway we would highly recommend actually coming to visit you as it made all the difference just seeing how at easily you handled the camera more or less with not additional attachments.